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From Inbox to your Pocket.

Make your community personal

A community is more than a shared logo, a crest or clubhouse. A community is a shared passion. It is something personal, and something personal should not belong in your e-mail inbox. Socie brings your community together through a new way of communication, directed from your pocket.

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  • A more active community

    Members are constantly connected. The latest news or agenda are easily accessed; this way members never miss out on any activity.

  • Relive every moment

    The picture of last night or the pictures from last year? Members can access all pictures with Socie.

  • Always be up to date

    Urgent messages or important news that everyone needs to know about? With Socie, members get a notification on their phone for any urgent update.

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What communities are saying about Socie

  • Our members are always up to date thanks to Socie. Launching and taking care of the app works smooth because of the easy integration with our website.
    - Robin Klaver, UvO Amsterdam

  • The push notifications are a great succes! It's a fun and effective way to notify members.
    -Carmel Thijssen, FSV Fysiek

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